Who is behind it?

Any Australian resident will tell you that they live in a lucky country. That this great nation is a land of opportunity and clean living. But that still doesn’t stop some of us from experiencing mental health issues. 

With this in mind, the Mental Health Foundation of Australia (MHFA) created an initiative known as Mental Health Month. A month dedicated to bringing the Australian community together to raise awareness that Mental Health Matters. That there are ears that will listen and if needed, shoulders to cry on.

This is a programme designed to reach out and educate as many Australians as possible regarding mental health issues. One in five Australians are currently experiencing a mental health illness and it is time to give it due attention. It is hoped that National Mental Health Month will reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and create positive, non-judgmental discussions.

Throughout National Mental Health Month, many events have been organised in each state and territory of Australia. The ultimate aim is to attract and unite Australians of all ages and backgrounds on the awareness needed regarding mental health.  

Why do we Have Mental Health Month?

There are quite a few of us who have friends or relatives that seem distant, enclosed, even anti-social. They refuse to discuss their problems or issues and before long the situation escalates dramatically sometimes to the point of tragedy. Often it seems hopeless, where we are only left with a guess as to what is the best action to take.

What Mental Health Month offers is education and the reassurance of knowing that you (sufferer or carer) have solid support. The purpose of driving this initiative is to educate those around you and provide them with a better understanding of what you’re dealing with.

The Mission

  • Through a month of interactive events, Australians will be engaged and educated about mental health and general wellbeing.
  • To support Australians of all ages through the development and delivery of mental health education programmes.
  • To eliminate the mental health-related stigma.
  • To strengthen mental health support and services nationally through collaboration with all mental health organisations.
  • To urge more funding towards mental health initiatives, support services and awareness campaigns in Australia.

How is Mental Health Month Organised?

One of the main causes of any misunderstanding is lack of education. Mental Health Month is where organisations, community groups and individuals work together to educate and change attitudes. Through organised events, the general public is encouraged to listen and share their stories regarding mental health. 

These events help bring awareness to and change misconceived conceptions about mental health and wellbeing. It is of paramount importance for anyone battling mental health issues to be aware that they are not alone. Campaigns such as Mental Health Month ensure that such battles are never fought alone. For further information follow the link below.


When is Mental Health Month Held?

The theme for Mental Health Month this year is SHARE THE JOURNEY. It is designed to encourage individuals and communities to connect and ultimately recognise how important this is for our mental health and wellbeing.

The Mental Health Month theme encourages individuals and communities to connect with others and recognise what can be achieved during this dedicated time. The theme for this year is ‘Share the Journey. The NBMLHD Mental Health Service is coordinating and participating in a huge number of events throughout October. 

These events will help consumers, staff and the general community create social connections, improve wellbeing and reduce the stigma that is often attached to mental health. Everyone is welcome to get involved this Mental Health Month and come along to some of the many events on offer!

Where is Mental Health Month Held?

Note: The events listed are organised through the NBMLHD but there are also events happening throughout Australia in October 2020. All the relevant information will be published in all of the social media platforms. You can register for the events via Trybooking. However, please be aware that all events will be subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Programme of Events

Hawkesbury Mental Health Wellness Day

9 October 1pm-3pm, Richmond Park

10 October, 10am-12pm at Nepean Mental Health Centre entrance, Nepean Hospital

  • Come along and share a cuppa with the mental health staff.
  • Free coffees available from 10am–12pm or until they run out.
  • Lithgow Mental Health Expo.

11 October 10am–2pm at Cook Street Plaza, Lithgow

  • Mental health speakers, stalls, performers and more!
  • Note: In case of wet weather, the event will take place at Lithgow Library 157 Main Street. For information, please call Viktoria Gulabovski at Lithgow Council on 6354 9999.
  • Choose Life. 
  • Youth suicide prevention concert event.

11 October, 6pm-8pm at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith

  • Community engagement event with live music performances.
  • FREE registration essential: Call Albert on 0409 074 913 
  • or email Una Turalic at una.turalic@health.nsw.gov.au
  • Understanding NSW Mental Health Services Forum.

17 October 10am – 4pm at the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub, Springwood

19 October, 10am – 12pm at Katoomba Leura Community Centre 81-83 Katoomba Street, Katoomba

  • Have a cuppa and enjoy music from the 925 Ukulele group. Meet local community services.
  • Contact: 4734 4219
  • Joe Williams in Conversation,
  • Don’t miss your chance to hear an inspirational talk from Joe Williams, former footballer, boxer, Wiradjuri man, mental health advocate and author of ‘Defying the Enemy Within’. Joe shares his story of hope through adversity, addiction and personal battles with suicide and mental illness. Limited seats available, book your spot today!
  • Enquiries: 4734 1912

30 October, 6pm at Penrith Paceway

31 October, 11:30am at Lithgow Workers

Your Contribution

Perhaps, for one reason or another, be it ill health or personal, you may not be able to attend an event relating to Mental Health Month. If that is so, there are alternative ways to contribute.


Your donation will assist in reducing the rising rates of mental health issues in Australia. It will also help to further educate the community regarding preventative measures and professional areas of support. To make a donation, simply follow the link below


Awareness Pin Campaign

A donation of just $2.00 for each MHFA Awareness pin will assist the Foundation to reduce the rising rates of mental health issues. The profits made awareness pin sales will also help to further educate the community regarding preventative measures and professional areas of support. To buy an awareness MHFA pin, click on the link below:



This offers many rewards including great benefits for your organization. It is an opportunity to catch a wider audience during the extensive promotional lead up to the National Mental Health Month. Advertisements are included on the MHFA website, social media, newsletters, ministerial events and mainstream media/publicity. The possibilities are endless in terms of sponsorship opportunities. 

Learn more about MHFA NMHM2020 Inkind Sponsorship

Download MHFA NMHM2020 Sponsorship Package

For more information, email: admin@mhfa.org.au or call 03 9826 1422.

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